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About Us

Amy Klebanow Marks BSN, RN created Enriching Kidz™, Inc. in 1993. Ever since, she has been passionate about presenting outstanding enrichment programming to children in the Greater Cincinnati, Dayton, and Columbus Ohio areas.  The Better Baby Sitters, Kidz Home Alone, Pottery Wheel 101, and our Empowering Girls with Confidence classes are presented in a truly unique format.  This allows the students to learn new and interesting information in an interactive way by incorporating discussion, role play, and hands-on techniques. These memorable experiences will give them valuable skills that will last a lifetime! Parents of our Better Baby Sitters and Kidz Home Alone students view taking these classes as a “rite of passage”, as their children take on more of these mature and independent responsibilities. Enrolling your child in an Enriching Kidz™ class will truly enrich their lives and yours!