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Pottery Wheel 101

This class includes the introduction to the basic use of the pottery wheel as well as basic hand-building techniques. This is a great opportunity for students to receive hands on experience. Classes on the pottery wheel emphasize technical, personal and individual development for future abilities in the art world. Students will each complete a small pot on the pottery wheel and at least one other item using hand-building techniques. All artwork will be glazed by the student and fired. All supplies are included.

Students will learn:

  • Wedging
  • Centering
  • Pulling
  • Slab-Building
  • Coil-Building
  • Pinching
  • Glaze Decoration
  • Understanding of Firing Techniques

Advanced Pottery Wheel

This class is for students who have previously taken a Pottery Wheel class.  This advanced class skips the basics of wedging and centering, and gets into more advanced skills.  Students will learn to make various advanced vessels, pulling handles or a lidded piece, or perhaps the student will design their own.  This class will be more complicated, but a lot more FUN!!


Enriching Kidz is excited to announce a unique opportunity to learn collage techniques with renowned Columbus Collage artist, Judi Young and retired art educator and artist, Ricki Rosen. Boys and girls ages 7-14 are invited! 

If your child loves art, this is the class for them! This collage class will be allowing your child to create a 12”x 16” self-portrait, using paper of varying colors and textures on a canvas.  Students will love the freedom that the collage medium allows.  Students will learn creative art principles and techniques to create a work of art so fabulous, you will proud to hang it in your home. Your child will need to bring a close up picture of themselves to class.  Students will do a similar project as the photo shows but will allow for a student’s own creative expression!

Upcoming Classes

11/2, 11/16
3:15 - 5:45pm

Loveland Elementary, Loveland, OH
Register through LEPTA

2/7, 2/21
3:45 - 6:15pm

Maddux Elementary, Cincinnati,OH

2/14, 2/28
3:00 - 5:30pm

Pattison Elementary, Milford, OH